Making and Sharing Maps

Perhaps this is a stupid question and I’m just missing something, but is there a way to share maps? I know we can download maps that we’ve made from the vault, but a way to share maps to other users to have in their vault without flattening the map to a JPEG/PNG would be nice for collaboration. Also, are there any licensing requirements for maps made with Astral for other places when using the premium tilesets, or can we download/post/share these freely? I assume we can’t sell those maps, obviously, but I don’t know how far using those assets go and I don’t want to screw over any artists or anything.

Also, is there a place for Astral users to share maps they’ve created? The community content section seems to be almost entirely for character templates, so I don’t necessarily want to clutter that up, but since I’ve made a bunch of maps, several for campaigns that are dead, and I don’t want to just waste those now that they’re not going to be used (unless I can contrive them into another campaign.

Hi @SquireZed and welcome to the Forums

Licensing issues are above my pay grade (I don’t get paid) but the best place to ask would be

As for the possibility to share maps, you can invite another player into your game as a GM, and they can then save the maps to their own Vault.

Again, please check with an Astral staff member before sharing maps containing copyrighted material.

If you want to show off images of your maps, the place to do it is our Discord server, in the #show-off-room

Thanks for the answer! I’ll send them an email and post an update when I hear back. I’ll definitely take a look at the Discord!