Make the initiative tracker viewable by the players

Currently, players are unable to view the initiative tracker, even the positions of other players. This makes planning ahead more difficult. I would like to be able to control who can see what. Some GMs are fine with players even seeing the monster initiatives, for example.

This is a great idea! It really helps engage players when they can see who is up next.

If this feature were to be added, I would prefer that it be optional. This is because I don’t want my players knowing when the bad guy goes and metagaming with that information.


Emphasis on ‘control’.

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Yeah we just played our first game of Coriolis and its pretty important in that system for the players to be able to see the initiative order. There are weapons and actions that can increase and decrease the order of the players. Please add this as an option! I would love to keep everything inside astral but had to use which was a bit of a juggling act between windows.

This is something I would really like added. Seems like such a no brainer.

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Makes a lot of sense. To echo what’s already been said, I imagine a tracker with an on/off switch for each individual token to determine if it’s visible to players on the tracker.

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Really need that tracker for everyone. No strategy fr players. Or DM needs to invent options how to tell players who makes a turn after who.

Perhaps giving the GM the option to make positions of opponents on the tracker visible to players. (Players can either see whole tracker, or only allies)

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How is this not a thing yet? It’s very basic and extremely frustrating to not have this. Fix this please. I need it for next weeks’ session.

The developers are currently working on the drawing tools, which has seen more requests, and is an older request.

I am sure they’ll get around to looking at implementing this Soon™, but I doubt that it will be as soon as next week.

May I ask what system you’re playing that you need shared initiative tracker capability for @Brendanfrye ?

The problem right now is an NPC you want to remain hidden “until their turn” would show up on the turn tracker to the players.

So there needs to be a “Hidden” state for NPCs that this respects as well.

But I do want this.


I just finished my first session on Astral for a group tonight. The only thing which was really missing for my players, which I hadn’t thought of, was them being able to see the initiation tracker. I feel the way it is currently set up would be fine with just a check box “Visible to Players.” There’s even already an option to hide creature in the initiative tracker, which I’m assuming would disallow players to see that creature in the order despite being able to see the tracker (it doesn’t tell them whose turn it is when that hidden creature is up in the order).

Great work, and thanks for listening to your community!

For people who are coming across this post, are there any other features like this that you’d like to have added to the tracker? What sorts of scenarios are you envisioning?