Make "Simple tokens"

I am constantly DMing multiple different campaigns and find that a great deal of the prep time involved in running these is taken up by the creation of monster tokens. Each time I want to create a new monster I need to first create a new character and then open this character’s options to edit it. The new characters are always generated with a character sheet and a lot of other bells and whistles that I will never use slowing down the loading. All I want to do is drag a photo onto the map and have it cropped into a circle everything else is superfluous.

Add to this the fact that if I want to have two of the same monsters on the map the software creates a new character “name+#” and the same picture. What this does is clog up my character menu with Goblin, Goblin2, Goblin3, Goblin4, Goblin5… you get the point.

HERE IS WHAT I WOULD CHANGE: First allow for “Simple Tokens” these are just a photo, a name, and a health bar nothing else and are quick to generate. Second, change the “duplicate” option so that instead of generating new terminate characters it creates temporary ones that are copies of the original but do not show up in the Creature menu.

Hi @Sitherax

If you are any paid subscription there is an option to just choose a token image using the Characters menu and creating a non-filled character sheet for your system that uses that token image.

I agree with the thread creator, that in a way Astral could make this process more lightweight. I would approach the solution in three ways:

  1. Join forces with Feature Requests that already exist and have more Votes:
    -> Multiple Tokens for a Character Sheet - Feature Wishlist And Ideas! - Astral Support Forums (
    -> Sheetless characters (or assignable assets) - Feature Wishlist And Ideas! - Astral Support Forums (
    -> Multiple tokens on a single character sheet - Feature Wishlist And Ideas! - Astral Support Forums (

  2. Consider creating Custom Character Sheets that are for example for NPCs, this way you have a smaller version of sheets with the minimum required for it, so you have a smaller image overall and smaller things to load when you open them.

  3. Make Unsupported systems viable for “quick characters from token image”