Make shareable new systems

I wanted a way to create new types of character sheets and share then with the players, with all the actions and stats already placed but empty to be filled by then.
I will play a new type of system but it is not in astral, so I could share an image to all players but
everyone would need to place the actions and stats in the right place manually, if this was not a problem I could just do it my self one time to everyone.

Hello @Gui and welcome to the Forums.

If you contact Sketch (Community) using Astral’s Discord server you can ask him to add your system to Astral and then add your complete character sheet, with all the Actions and Stats in place, to Astral, the same way that all the other systems that have character sheets work.

The staff are happy to help add new games to the system.

Also @Gui, this post contains a brief description on how sheet sharing works:

What I am saying is that I want some way to create a character sheet and give copies to the players, I could ask the sheet to be put in Astral but the sheet I created is not very good, the stats and actions are not very centralized correctly and the image isn’t of very good quality, it was created just to be a simple and not perfect sample to the players and I wish there a way not to complicated to give to then, like click this button and copy this link and give to the players something like this.
Thanks for the quick aswer and sorry for all the orthographic errors, I not native from a country that speech english.

Thanks for the help, I didn’t now that there a way to do it so thanks to share it, but it could be more easy. I hope the devs implement some easy way eventually.