Make it easier to align Stat and Action fields

Here’s a sample Skill from my Savage Worlds sheet:

It’s five items:

  • ‘d’ text field
  • 12 {sAcademics} stat
  • ‘+’ text field
  • 2 {sAcademicsBonus} stat
  • :game_die: Action field (unicode die icon for the name), that rolls d12+2 and applies various mods for Wounds, Fatigue, etc.

Most skills are a simple “d6”, with no “+2”, but I don’t want to make the player have to create, position, and properly name the Stats. (If it’s not {sAcademicsBonus} exactly, the die roll Action won’t calculate properly.) So I have to put the +0 in, as a default.

I have to set this up for over 35 skills and attributes. It would be easier to set up with:

  • Various fields horizontally aligned, snapping to a grid or each other
  • Fields vertically aligned, so it’d be easy to have a neat column
  • Nudging field positions with the arrow keys (if they don’t snap)
  • The field box had a translucent background instead of white, so you could see the PDF grid lines and adjacent fields while dragging it
  • Text field formulas, so I could write one formula like d{sAcademics}+{sAcademicsBonus}. This would mean fewer things to position
  • Formulas supported optional text, so I could hide the plus sign if the Bonus value is 0. This would remove a lot of visual clutter.

You can change the background Alpha to 0, making it fully transparent, for any Stat, Action, Checkbox or Text.

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Man, why isn’t that a default?

Thanks for the useful tip.

Another useful tip: If you set the background Alpha of a Checkbox to 0, then back to 100, the background only fills the Checkbox outline and removes the outside background from around the outline, allowing you to place the checkbox accurately but still covering the target area.

And another useful tip: Create a Text area for your die roll that looks like so:

__ d __+ __

Then place your Stats on top of the Text.

I suppose I could just build that into the PDF. Thanks.

I actually wouldn’t follow my advise. The TEXT always appears on top, so the Stats aren’t accessible. Bug?

Voting to get the vertical and horizontal grid snapping. So many things aren’t aligned :’(


Another useful tip: import your pdf but with a grid on top of it. Get actions and text to where you want and use arrow keys to fine tune.

How to do a pdf with a grid? Does it automatically snap?

I’m doing german D&D 5E character sheets, as my future players aren’t that fond in English.

I would as first step, simply suggest two input fields, for setting x and y (as seen on my modified html)

So it would be easy to set fixed values.

Greetings Dreloc


@LaMorte Lots of overlap between these two, but they may be different enough to stay seperate