Made a D20 Modern Base Game Character Sheet Template

Yeah hi, new here. So I was able to upload one of the PDFs of the D20 Modern sheet that I have but you know then it’s just an image so I had to create, resize, and position text, stats, and check boxes for everything on the sheet which is like, “Ehhh I dunno about this, man.”

So I went ahead and did that for the standard D20 Modern sheet because it’s the weekend and my time is not valuable…
AND THEN I realized I needed the Urban Arcana sheet which is a bit different so I’m making that one as well.
How do I submit this thing so other people can use it? I can’t find how to.
Screenshot of the finished project:

Basically, you make a post in Community Content and paste a link to your sheet. However, until it’s approved by the publisher, you’d have to share with each user that’s interested.

Here’s a post explaining how it works:

Oh, thank you. I also just completed the Urban Arcana sheet so I’ll be able to share that as well.
Actually, going to do more work on them. They could be a better.
If something’s worth doing then it’s worth doing right.

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