Looking for Dungeons and Dragon 3.5/Pathfinder 1e group

I am looking for a DnD 3.5/PF 1e group.
I am open on days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday after 1pm CDT.
I am open to 3pp/Homebrew if you use it.
I use ally play casters or gish style characters.
If you have a game or have any questions mail me or reply here.
Have a good safe day.

Hello @Rachnera_Arachnera and welcome to the Forums

We recommend using Demiplane to find groups. It is a free to use website for Looking For Groups.

The tool is amazing and I highly recommend it.

I’m interested in participating assuming you are still looking for a group. I have the D&D 3.5 gaming system, though I haven’t played in quite a while. If you don’t mind somebody a little rusty, count me in.

I’m available evenings and weekends after 4pm PST.