Look for Group (Cthulhu or Pathfinder 2e preferred)

  • What system do you intend to play?
    Looking to play Cthulhu or Pathfinder 2e - but open to most games

  • Are you a player looking for a party, or a GM looking for players to run in your campaign?
    Player looking for a party

  • What is your availability?
    Australian time (GMT +10) Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays (so 9am to 3pm EST (US) is not good)

  • Are there any additional requirements, resources, or information needed to apply or join?
    I have rulebooks for Pathfinder 2e/Cthulhu/5e
    I know D&D (basic to 5e - showing my age there)

Anyway let us know if you have a spot



Hi @Johnathan_Hip and welcome to the forums.

I would also have a search on https://www.demiplane.com for the games you are interested in playing.

Also, perhaps sign up for GenCon Online.

Thanks for the steer - really appreciate