Linking Actions - Idea

Was told to post here. Getting a way to work where you can link actions.

Example: Make action called "Sneak Attack: !(1d6)

Being able to link from there attack role to do !(1d6) + “Sneak Attack” so it will call the action instead of making it every time.

The ability to call an Action from inside of another Action could offer so many possibilities.

Create an Action called “Concentration Check” then call that from every spell Action instead of having to recreate the contents of “Concentration Check” in every spell Action.

As above, being able to create special damage Actions then call those from inside an Attack Action instead of having to repeat any and all special damage Actions inside of the individual Attack Actions.

This would be especially powerful if the chained Actions could be called conditionally!

I love this idea. +1


This would be useful, perhaps similar to the request we have to reference the results of die rolls. Not only could you call another action but reference the results/do ternary checks on them.

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Also jumping in to provide some feedback on this idea. Emberwind uses what are called CAP (Critical, Accurate, Penetrate) checks. You roll a CAP check before most actions, and I’d rather not implement the CAP check in each action on my sheet or have to roll it separately. This, combined with the lastRoll idea would let me

  • Roll a CAP check
  • Do nothing if I miss the A check
  • Automatically roll damage if I pass the A check
  • Automatically handle critical damage if I pass the C check
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If there is a possibility to use an action within another action, it would open up a possibility for those who play Wild Magic Sorcerers.

My character activates Wild Magic, in this action rolls a dice and finds a rage, [1 - 10 Very Bad], [11-30 Bad], [31-80 Ok], [81-100 Good], at the time that this value returns it would open another action depending on the dice roll.

I don’t know if you got confused, but if you want more context, just poke me

If I got your question well, I think you can do this. There is a way to call actions that you already prepared (in the same character sheet) and to “call” those actions from others.
Please refer to this link:
in combination with this: (you can use the checkbox syntax to call one action based on the roll instead of the checkbox value).

I didn’t try it but should work in some way :slight_smile:

Sorry @Tanito77 but no.

You would have to create complete copies the the actions that you would want to “switch” to inside of one Action.

I apologize @LaMorte,
I thought that it would work similar to this:

Not a problem. At present you can only get the values of Stats, you can’t call another Action.

Ok, so, If I understood well, the best thing @ahardt can do is maybe to get automatically only the “name” of the action that need to be launched next according to the dice rolled. Right @LaMorte?

For the moment, yes, until this Feature Request can be added to Astral.