Limiting framerates


I noticed my laptop temperatures and fans were spinning really hard! As if my map design was overkilling it.

After checking with Sketch, the map was fine, but we noticed a framerate of 144.0 FPS ! so when I was working, the temps were hitting high 94C, 25% Browser CPU usage (Chromium Edge) and high GPU usage as well (55%)

Capping the FPS from Nvidia didn’t work, so I switched to a resolution of 75hz, and now, Edge is using just 0.5% (insane) while looking exactly at the same map, GPU using 40% and temps down to 74C.

Please consider this on server side, might help a lot, if my metrics are correct.


Performance improvements in general would be great. I ran my first game last night and everyone had similar comments “woah! My fan is going crazy” or “my computer is burning up right now.”
Thanks for digging into what was causing it. Hopefully it leads to improvements :+1:


I have also noticed a few performance drop offs but i am sure more optimization is coming. The biggest thing ive noticed is duringsessions players drop out of the session only to re join seconds later. Refreshing the page or need be, exiting the session and rejoining always helps both of these problems.

This has now been implemented. Astral caps the FPS at +/- 30FPS

// Closing as Implemented