Limb Damage System?

Is there a way to have a streamlined individual limb damage system? Right now as things are my process is a bit tedious, every time a damage roll is made I have to open up the character menu, enter build mode, subtract the damage and then manually change the stat values which I set up to act as limb HP.

Hi @Loscaster

You don’t need to enter Build Mode to edit a Stat. You can just double-click the value to open the editor.

There are planned changes for the character sheet that will hopefully include inline editing, so you will be able to edit your Stat values like any form on a web page, but there is no confirmation on when, or even if, this is going to happen.

Also remember that you can pop character sheets out, so instead of having to keep re-opening the sheet you can leave it open and just Alt-Tab to the sheet when you need to make a change.

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Ah, not as big as an improvement as I’d hoped, but those tips are definitely still helpful, thank you.
Here’s hoping those changes come eventually.

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