Light system that allows Dungeon Alchemist integration

I think a priority for every DM is the ability to rapidly create battle maps on demand. If you give real freedom to your players, there should be a lot of unexpected combats and also expected combats that don’t take place. I’m able to create a map with fairly speed in the middle of a session using Astral, but lights take me way to much time in maps that are big (for example, outdoors areas or even big caves). That’s why I like so much the idea of a software as Dungeon Alchemist, being able to quickly create not only the environment but automatically render how each object interacts with light seems just what I need.
Sadly, Astral doesn’t allow any form of light import (or calculation), which closes the door to any efficient use of Dungeon Alchemist or recycle of portions of previously created maps. I would really like if Astral could allow to import features as, at least, different types of light barriers, both from other maps or from Dungeon Alchemist.