Light source without seeing the actual source

Right now the light sources work like this: if you see the source, you see everything it illuminates, even if blocked by walls. If you don’t see the source, you see nothing it illuminates.
It would be nice to see the option to enable an “enforcing” of line of sight for walls, so players will not me able to see enemies past a wall that is illuminated by a torch in their line of sight.
And similarly, to be able to see the portions of map illuminated by a source and in line of sight, while the actual source is not visible because behind a wall.

This is true, I have just tested it: the skeleton in the chair emits pink light that is always on. I have the token of the Shadow selected, and it reveals the whole room of the skeleton, even though it is behind the wall.

Another test where only the outlined with red area should be visible, yet the whole room is.

Can I add to that…? Currently, if you hide the lit object, the light is still visible, even if the object is hidden on the menu.
Can I suggest that a hiding an object also hides the emitted light?

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I agree with that. If object that is emitting light is hidden the light should also be hidden.

Light shines around corners, but I agree that the areas outside of the characters’ line of sight should be hidden.