LIght souce visible emissions

Love that light sources are here, and enjoy going around lighting up my maps.

As it stands right now though a player can only see a light if their range of vision is far enough, with line of sight, to see the Light source; or if the light source’s emission is large enough, with line of sight, to ‘see’ the player.

It would be nice for light source emission itself to be visible to players – A bright light is spilling out if the hall… they can’t see the source, but they should be able to see that light, and it should provide ‘lighting’ to what the players can see.

I would love this as well. The light itself is still hidden by DL, but the light it emits is visible.

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I love the new features.

At the same time, I, too, have feedback for how I’d like to see them improved as things move forward, and this is a huge one. This would make the new light sources much more versatile.

Yeah this is a good point. Seeing the Aura would be way more natural.

This is exactly what I am looking for, we had players in a camp at night last session unable to see the campfire illumination because of the interaction between their sight ranges, the emission sources, and the tents in the camp, when they would otherwise have been able to see the lit area. This would be a huge change, hope they can make it happen.

Agreed. Situations where this would be applicable are quite common. A flicker effect, like from a fire or torch versus a lantern or magical light source, would be nice as well.

You have my vote, hoping they add something like this soon.

Yep, this is a pretty good way to kill the immersion and should be fixed :