Light scources

Hei astral team,

first of all you really do great work and i love astral even more after every update :slight_smile:

I wanted to give a little feed to the newly added light sources. Because I for one make my own maps with another program, in that program i already bake in my light sources, like torches, candle and campfires etc.
The problem that I have now is that for one i cant add light without a asset, but thats not a big problem i can just hide the asset and the light is still there. But a bigger problem is that when i use the settings to change day and night (while playing) the light sources become dimmed down as well which kinda eliminates the purpose of adding light sources. So it would be cool, if i can put down a light source , make it transparent and the are of effect wont be effected by the day/night slider. This would also open up the option to add torches

Also alittle bug that i found is that the light scource added to a asset remains even if you delete the asset. It only goes away by reloading the website, as far as i know

Hi @MaxStranger

Please pop that in a Bug Report. The team don’t get to work through the Forums very often.

Sry for the late replay, but thanks for the suggestion, i wrote them a bug report and linked it to this forum post :slight_smile: