LFP: Judge Dredd and/or other W.O.I.N games

I picked up the Judge Dredd bundle a while back and have been keen to give it a go. It did come with a few other adventures for the various systems (OLD, NEW, NOW) which I’ve outlined below and am happy to run. All of these adventures include pregen characters, but since there are no existing character templates for any of these systems, I’d like to do an interest check before I get started on making a template from scratch. Please post below, letting me know which of these you’d be keen on playing. Day/Time TBC but it’ll probably be evenings US time or thereabouts.

Judge Dredd Justice has a price. That price is freedom. In Mega-City One, YOU are the law: Judge, jury and executioner.

Santiago Intergalactic bounty-hunting in the far future

Ghostbreakers: Spirits of Manhattan This is literally Ghostbusters with the serial numbers filed off

Dark Decade: From Dust To Dawn In the seedy, supernatural underbelly of New York in the 80s, a powerful new drug is causing havoc

I don’t know anything about WOIN, but I’m hip to a text-only (no voice or vid) 2000AD game.


I normally prefer voice, but I’m fine with text-only if we can get another player or two

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Oh, speak of the D… ungeon Master.


Have you tried posting on Demiplane?

I just got burned on a Cyberpunk Red book; I’m not too keen on gambling on another unknown game. If the game is steady enough for long enough, I’ll fork over for a rulebook.

That cool?

Discord u/n: Oscar (UTC ~4)#1517

There’s a free quickstart available, which should be enough for the players. I grabbed the books in a Humble bundle a while back (which is where all the other adventures came from) and will make stuff available if needed

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Since we’re on hold till the roster fills, here’s my Discord u/n, to keep in touch: Oscar (UTC ~4)#1517


Add: I msg. and sent a join req. to your game on Demiplane.

Thanks, again.