LFP: D&D 5e

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I am looking for players to run in my campaign

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Any additional information, such as requirements, resources, availability, etc

New DM with 3 players, looking to increase numbers of players. We play on every other Tues

Hey there,
I am new to Astral but have been playing 3.5 and 5e for over 25 years combined and am looking for a game to join. I can enter at any level.

It’s easier to email me
shadeseagle.rex@gmail.com or on here either way


Hi. Been playin dnd for 5+ yrs. new to astral tho. What time will sessions be on tues if i join? Im EST

I am looking for a good solid group to play with. Love playing the game and meeting people from all over. Have only been playing for a few months and have used roll20 mostly but have also used Astral. I am 47 and live in the North East of the US. If you would like to know anything else please ust ask. Thank you

Hi @Shakespeare1616 and welcome to the Forums.

I highly recommend trying the LFG system by https://www.demiplane.com

We were looking at a potential partnership before.