LFP 5e, grim, medieval, "realistic" and bloody (1 slot open 9/17/21)

Location/Timezone: MST
Schedule: Saturdays at 9AM MST
Roles sought: Players, there will be a max of 5-6.

To reiterate a point: Saturdays ONLY at 9AM MST. Only. You must make at least 5 hours available. Anything less is a big no.

Game style: This is where it gets difficult, I wrote this for a more narrow niche of players who want to go on a low magic level, max level 6, dark age/mid medieval, tactical, strategic, more realistic with religions, politics and factionalism all playing a role in things. I am very much hack-n-slash but there is also roleplay and a story to things. As such, dungeons are longer, grueling, gritty realism (modified) being used, you start as peasants with nothing but the shirt on your backs and you fight your way to the top. I have toyed heavily with things so bandits, monsters, animals, etc all act as they would, they think, scheme, ambush, run, use tactics, etc.

-Note, because of the setting this is not new player friendly, you are going to need some experience and also a strong sense of teamwork and the ability to slog through hell because you are after all: peasants trying to become something greater.

-This is for those who like playing the GOOD GUYS. Or as near to it as possible considering the circumstances and the world. Either way, you will need blood, courage and iron to hack your way through this grim world.

I currently dm a group of friends, where I consistently add new rules hoping to find that balance of “gritty realism” and “not driving my players crazy”. I get a lot of push-back if I introduce a rule too quickly.


I would love to play the game you’re describing. What would you like from me?

Well, read over everything here but before you scream, rip your hair out and run for the hills just remember I like to be detailed so there are no misunderstandings. Also, I have had a very, very bad experience with people on roll20 paying attention to the setting and as such the monster I am about to give you is there because someone, at some point, screamed or did not pay attention. Also, as you will see in #1, I am damn sick and tired of players trying to push their agenda(s) in my games or games I have played in, if you want a creepy example of this I can give you an example, an application I got on roll20.

Anyway, have a look, there are two videos at the bottom I want everyone who is still interested to watch, it covers the basics for just good etiquette and mindset. If you have already seen them, just skip, but they are good refreshers.

Age requirement: 18+ only. (gore, violence, brutality, profanity, adult situations and nightmarish descriptions.)

I am not afraid of killing characters, so charge the machinegun and see what happens at your own peril.

Keep this in mind: I write for those who want to try and play the good guys in a miserable, down-beaten world and at the same time enjoy the old ways of D&D where things were deadly and cruel, especially if you are slow to think and act. At the same time I also write for a more narrow niche of players who are looking for a truly difficult game with obstacles to overcome, more “realistic” situations to deal with and who enjoy getting into all out brawls in combat where tactical ability is a must and also, enjoy a dose of history. This also means a natural 20 does not mean you win or succeed when you try and steal the kings crown from his head or convince a 50+ mob of screaming peasants not to burn you at the stake. So be warned, tough decisions are a part of life in this world and being a “good guy” does not mean your hands are clean nor that your conscious is clear. Most run in terror after reading this but if you do not, contact me again and we will go from there.

Lets begin:

  1. I refuse to pander to political correctness, snowflakes, SJW’s, etc. You are dealing with an old fashioned guy who adheres to traditional values and refuses to betray his ethos, morals, values or religion for anyone. Folks are welcome to sit at my table and play but you will not get special treatment because your beliefs are currently “in vogue.” Your beliefs are yours. Not. Mine.

  2. This is not a module so that means a homebrewed world. There are also some homerules which will be discussed with those who partake in session 0. First off I wrote out the dragonborns in favor of a modified lizardfolk. You can expect a grim fantasy, dark age/medieval setting world. War, strife, disease, crime, persecution, witch-burnings and other horrors are rampant resulting in deep schisms, intense rivalry and balkanization. For rules we follow from the book but some issues will be covered in session 0 for as to how far the party wants to go or what to switch out.

  3. It is advised that you be the type of person who enjoys tactical combat and strategy for I am a tactical and strategic DM . I follow the 6+ encounters per dungeon/session theorem so do not expect to fight twice and call it a day nor to have any of the six encounters be easy. Now I do have RP heavy things for you to do with little to no combat and will endeavor to provide opportunities, but that is not my strong point as a DM. As such, expect things to be more combat oriented with longer, bloodier dungeon crawls but also a great deal of politics ! If you do not enjoy politics in games, avoid this place at all costs.

  4. You need to be able to think fast on your feet and make snap decisions with or without party approval. Be your own man/woman, not a doormat, or even worse: a spectator .

  5. This is a harsh, cruel and feudal world. There is a monarchical hierarchy at play and you are starting as peasants/serfs who desire greater things than just mucking out the stables for the rest of your days in relative safety. This is not a fair world in any regard either, it is meant to provide a challenge to the players as there is no such thing as “fair treatment” in a feudal world, especially to those who are not of noble birth. Also it is advised to be the type of player who can just sit at a table with random people and just jump right in, character and all, without hesitation. This is for those who really enjoy enjoy thinking about what they are doing while realizing consequences. So if you enjoy tactics, strategy, politics, etc, then this might just be for you. Keep in mind though, this is still a fantasy setting and not historically accurate.

  6. The time setting is a mix of the dark ages and early-mid medieval, but due to being a fantasy game with elves, dwarves, gnomes, etc. Some things that should not exist, do. I set this time period more to be post-empires than a “true” 700-1200 AD world. Now if you think “dark ages” or “medieval” means peasants wallowing in mud and eating their own filth, your dead wrong. That is historically inaccurate and while my own world is not entirely accurate, I do aim to bring some degree of reality to this fantasy setting.

  7. Alignment matters here, no evil characters and no “true neutral.” Your characters need to have opinions, beliefs, desires, fears, etc. The point here is not to sit on the fence and let the world go by but partake in it. Dont let this get you stuck in how you should act however, use your head and common sense.

-Paladins are required to be lawful but do not be a “lawful stupid” paladin, being lawful does not mean being lawful nice.

-As a warning I also modified some of the gods to fit the setting so I can play with things rather than it be a perfectly ordered world.

  1. I keep combat moving, time limits apply to your decision making during combat. However, I do enjoy being descriptive of what is happening and you should be to, the world only comes to life when we endeavor to make it so. Combat is not stagnant here but colorful. IE: Gory. I like to put blood smears on the map and switch out tokens with corpses when something dies or gets blown to ash.

  2. I give monsters/hostiles class levels and/or special abilities. The most dangerous monsters really are dangerous, so dont cry when the dragon melts you into the floor right then and there, armor and all. This also applies to traps, I really enjoyed the old 1-2E traps that would kill instantly on a failed save, you can find a whole colorful range of traps in this world from primitive but survivable to gut wrenching contraptions from hell.

  3. This is not a sandbox game. On one hand you do have a massive region to run around and explore, random quests await… But there are campaigns and quests to do. The world is also alive, seasons change, floods happen, etc. War waits for no one and the army shall march even if you are nowhere near the event, which also means ignoring a problem can result in a festering, gangrenous wound later on that burns everything down. You have wiggle room for activities and random events but we need to stay on track for whatever you do. If you go on a campaign then you will be walking down a narrow road as events take place.

  4. You will be required to do a discord interview.

  5. Audio will be over discord and everything else will be done through Astral. I will be typing some conversations out because I do not “voice act,” I just talk. You are required to have a functioning microphone. No exceptions.

  6. I have been told my voice is very condescending and hostile. Well, my voice is exactly what it is. I am your DM so that means playing the role of everything from lord(s), god(s), a passerby at night, guards, savage orcs, peasants, etc and yes I change my tone of voice to suit the situation. I only promise to be FAIR .

  7. LONG HAUL game, I run things 5+ months at a time. If this goes for years I am fine with that so long as we are all having fun. This also means you need to be dedicated to the group. Do not come here thinking this is a drop in game that will last a few weeks, expect to play for half a year (easily) or longer.

  8. Saturdays only at 9AM MST.

  9. You start with zilch save the clothes on your back, you will have to fight your way to the top so be ready to start as peasants/serfs and work your way up through the medieval world to positions that mean something. Covered in session 0.

  10. Level cap is 6 for my setting.

  11. The party will need a spokesperson/leader to help speed things up and/or to deal with trivial things as we move along, if you are against this idea, do not apply. Note: this role is also to help keep the party organized and focused. The role(s) this person(s) will fulfill shall be addressed in session 0.

  12. Magic is not rare, but neither is it common. Higher level magic is rare .

  13. If you are someone who does not like history, finds it boring or simply blows it off, you will be a very, very miserably depressed player in my world.

  14. As you can see I am a DM that likes to leave no room for doubt on anything, everything is laid out clearly for all to see and thus make an informed decision. I for one like to know what I am getting in to well in advance rather than find out the hard way, you can expect blunt honesty here.

Watch this and figure out what kind of player you are, then look at DM Philosophy topic.

3 Key Ways to Finding Good Tabletop Players

Also watch this and take it to heart, if you do not agree with what he says, walk away right now and do not apply: Great Role Player - Top 10 Mistakes we all make - Player Character Tips

Sorry about the delay getting back to you. I read through what you wrote and I’ll watch the videos too. I just wanted to say you’re style of play sounds very appealing to me so no issues there. You mentioned homebrew, I’m sure you’re aware of giffyglyphs “darker dungeons” for 5e, but if you’re not have a look. I use a lot of his stuff in my own game.

The only potential issues I see are that while I do DM I am not an experienced Player and that I am not into History for the sake of it. I definitely find parts of History interesting, but not all History. Hope that makes sense.

Please keep me updated, if you find enough players to get a game together

Hey Man, I was just reading through your post and it sounds exactly like what I’d want out of a game. I know we’re fairly far out from when you posted your ad but if there’s still room at your table I’d love to speak more, and if not I’d like you to keep me in mind if you end up needing another guy down the line.

Slot is open once more after a permanent schedule conflict. To reiterate a point: Saturdays ONLY at 9AM MST. Only. You must make at least 5 hours available bare minimum. Anything less is a big no.

I’m interested in joining if the slot is still available, what classes do they have? I’d want to play something so we have a nice spread for party composition.