LF4P | Conan the Scout 2d20 | NPW | flexible Schedule

Game / System: Conan 2d20 in an Age Undreamed Of

Schedule: EST , usually 3-hour sessions; time negotiable, but usually run no later than 19-22:00 hours; an early game of say 6:00-9:00 hours or 16:00-19:00 hours may be possible.

Theme: Conan the Scout, Westermarck (Texas) Rangers ; Aquilonian Frontier Life, Pictish Wilderness; Sword and Sorcery.

Platforms: Astral beta, Astral video beta?, Discord

Players needed: Four (4); 2d20 and Conan beginners welcome ! Considerate children also welcome.

Rules: As Written , not afraid of house-ruling; still learning and haven’t GMed for over a year, but Conan 2d20 is my default system; previously GMed Conan 2d20 on another vtt for 2ish years.

Style of Play: serious fun; Mute is your friend; zoned battlemaps and range-banded images; Conan music, remixes;

My purpose is to run some short Oneshots to teach the system and in order to find an eventual group for the not-yet-but-announced Officially Published Campaigns coming this year sometime.

Kindly, Randall S. (Astral) Randall#9650

I’m up for it. Have played 2d20 Infinity and 2d20 Conan before. Have a character concept in mind.

Look forward to hearing from you
Discord: Stephen#5144

Colour me interested! What days do you want to play? Conan is my current rpg. DMed it for almost a year, but would like to get some playing in.

Doesn’t look like this guy is up to running. Are you?