Legalise commercial use

So EULA appears to be claused with strict noncommercial statement.
But what if I want to run paid sessions through this tool?
I don’t mind sharing a cut via one time payment or paid subscription.
But, so far, there’s no such option!

Suggestion: either remove that noncommercial clause or let paying users use this tool to gain profits or make another tier of subscription or add an optional perk.
Super suggestion: if you’re really that greedy, make a clause less strict by limiting the income for around $5000 per year and require a paid subscription if person is earning more than that. It works great.

Because otherwise I’d have no other choice but to use something else.
That would be lose-lose situation for both of us.

I full hardly agree with this.
Currently it is also not allowed by those EULA to stream on twitch, as that is officially considered “commercial” if one is at affiliate or higher level.

I love what I see with Astral so far, but this will force me to use something that does allow commercial use for most my games.

+1. Would like to at least see streaming with it allowed at a minimum.

Hi all

Streaming using Astral is highly encouraged. Please, feel free to broadcast your games far and wide.

The commercial constraints are related to using Assets from Astral, or maps created using those assets, and marketing them, as the copyright is owned by the artists that created the original assets.

If you can think of commercial applications beyond those two options, please post here with examples.


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