Legal commercial use

So EULA appears to be claused with strict noncommercial statement.
But what if I want to run paid sessions through this tool?
I don’t mind sharing a cut via one time payment or paid subscription.
But, so far, there’s no such option!

Suggestion: either remove that noncommercial clause or let paying users use this tool to gain profits or make another tier of subscription or add an optional perk.
Super suggestion: if you’re so greedy, make a clause less strict by limiting the income for around $5000 per year and require a paid subscription if person is earning more than that.

Because otherwise I’d have no other choice but to use something else.
That whould be lose-lose situation for us both.

Hi @goury, welcome to the Astral Community!

This seems like a good Feature Request. We have a community-voted feature request board here, I’d recommend dropping this request there.

We try to prioritize new features based off of community interest, so we take all requests seriously.