Kult: Divinity Lost (character template)

In order to learn how to use the character builder, I ended up doing this very simple template.

What is the game system your template is for?:

Kult: Divinity Lost
(PbtA, but uses d10’s instead of d6’s and some other tweaks)

Brief summary of your character template:

The only actions are the rolls for the 10 attributes (since moves can vary a lot and would probably make this too complex). Stability won’t affect rolls because, for example, not all Willpower rolls are “Keep it together” rolls.

Everything else is just descriptive text and checkboxes.
Also, this is the “General” sheet without the advancement checkboxes.

I only included 3 simple “weapons” (unarmed, knife, 9mm pistol), so players/GMs can reuse them.

There’s no existing template, so I guess it’s better than nothing.

Link to character template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:

Not really.
Well, except being familiar with the rulebooks.

Thought I’d add links to a couple resources.


:warning: Be advised: much of this game’s imagery might be NSFW.




I didn’t want to hijack the thread/poll on systems:

… anyway I did this very simple character sheet.

In case you weren’t aware:

Templates created by users are private by default. But we post sheets to the “Community Content” so that mods know that we have a new sheet.

From here, mods will check them out, test them, and contact the publisher (asking for permission) before including them officially.

But if you’re interested in trying out this sheet, I can create a “dummy” game and assign one PC to you, so you can export to your vault (and create several copies of PCs if you wish).

Let me know if this sounds good.

@EMCK, let me know if you’re interested:

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That would be great!

Thank you so much!

Ok, I’ve created the game.

Once you accept, I’ll assign you a character so you can download it to your vault.

So… it’s been a while and I decided this sheet could use something more. I added modifiers (penalties) for Wounds and some cosmetic changes.

There’s also a couple hidden stats for future use: Stability, Stability_sttiMod (modifier for See Through The Illlusion), Stability_kitMod (Keep it together), Stability_disadvMod (Disasvantages).

Same link.

Oh, and for the two users that joined my share game: I updated your characters in the game so you can save it to your vault whenever you wish.

Update: Got word from the publisher that they will be accepting the version with advantages included. So I’ve updated the OP with a more complete sheet.

I’m glad to say I’ve made this template live!

If anyone has improvements or would like to suggest changes to this template, please open a new Community Content thread.