Kids on Bikes Templates?

Kids on Bikes and related games like Teens in Space and Kids on Brooms

Just looking to see if there is a KoB template out or in the works as it is a game category when you make a new game.


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Hi @Capnmarko,

To date, we don’t have template submissions for any of those systems. If you’d like to be the first to submit a template, let me know!

In order to approve a template, I’ll need to reach out to the publisher for permission to distribute their intellectual property. If you do choose to begin work on a template character, I’ll do the outreach on my end.

Glad to have you with us, hope we see another template (or three) come out of this!

Yes, I have created some KoB templates … not sure if this is the way to share but here goes:

@Capnmarko nobody except the staff, and you, can access that link.

Please consider submitting it for review and perhaps inclusion into Astral’s available character sheets by creating a new post in Community Content and following the instructions in the post.


Hi @Capnmarko,

This post explains how the community sheets work: