Keep best of d6 and d8, with Acing/Exploding

The formula for an exploding d8 is !(1d8e8), and for an exploding d6 is !(1d6e6). But how do I keep the best of these two rolls?

!(1d{Smarts} 1d{Wild})kh1

If {Smarts} is 6 and {Wild} is 8:

!(1d{Smarts}e{Smarts} 1d{Wild}e{Wild})kh1 sums the two rolls together.

This is the most common type of die roll in Savage Worlds, can anyone help?

Welcome to the forums @xBladeRunner

At the moment there is no way to compare rolls.

There is a feature request for more Flags and roll options that would support this behaviour at

Have a look and leave your comments and use cases on the entry to increase traction for the requests. Your vote will also increase the visibility of the Request.

Thanks. I’m still figuring out how to build character sheets, navigate the forums, and find the docs. I really hope this system works out for me.

We hope so too! Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, we’re happy to help.