June Changelog

Here’s what’s new in Astral! We’ve had a busy month building out some new features, and many of our updates were internal. Latest external updates are always at the top of the changelog!

June 26 | Beta 2.9.29

  • :crossed_swords: You can now save actions on your characters and use those actions to interact with chat.
  • :game_die: Dice rolls and text can be saved in an action, allowing you to quickly roll or react just by clicking the action.
  • :scroll: Categorize your actions so you know whether you are attacking or just making funny faces at the jerk across the tavern.
  • :rainbow: Color and assign icons to actions to help with organization.

June 18 | Beta 2.9.23

  • :email: Users can now chat, emote and even roll dice all in one place in the chat add-on that replaces the dice roller.
  • :game_die: Roll normally using !(roll) or delay the roll using !!(roll) with the same dice roll syntax that you are used to!
  • :comet: Rolls are seamlessly integrated into your chat! Making emotes like “I swing my sword at the kobold warrior !(1d20+{Strength}) and it slashes their hand for !!(1d6 +{Strength}) damage!” possible.
  • :running_woman: Quickly weave in rolls as you type by using the dice buttons to add rolls for you.
  • :iphone: Chat and roll using your mobile phone.

Bug fixes

  • :gear: Game settings now work as intended and listen when they are turned off.
  • :framed_picture: Avatars and cover images can now be replaced.
  • The edit pane correctly reflects changes when editing an asset in a game.
  • Games with non-recurring schedules do not cause fatal errors for players under certain conditions.

Where does one find the chat addon? I still only see the Dice Roller (I’m the DM). Is this a Pro only feature?

Hey @Lethann, this is only available at present for our Beta users. If you’re on the Beta team, you’ll want to be logged into beta.astraltabletop.com. If not, we’ll have this feature out for everyone in the near future. :slight_smile:

Good job, devs.
Just love your product!
Can we wait characterlist in near future?
Please please please! :3