JSON Import for Characters, Monsters, Actions, etc

Given the value of quickly creating a large number of assets programatically as a developer, this would also help the community as well. Having switched platforms has made it painfully clear that the biggest hurdle for switching platforms is creating all the content over again. It would be amazing if I could keep custom content in JSON objects outside of the platform and import them in. Even if the JSON object structure is different for each platform, I can easily write a python script for spitting out a platform specific version of my JSON library. I would imagine that this would be a huge help for the internal team as well. For non developers, they can leverage community driven tools created for moving content from one platform to another.

This ties into the having a Library of Actions outside of character sheets, for reusing across characters and monsters.

upvoting this, mostly this would mean support for Shadowrun 5e Chummer: https://github.com/chummer5a/chummer5a

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I’m a bit surprised this request hasn’t attracted more votes.

No mattter the system, this could reduce the prep time immensely.