Item Templates

Could we have a template for items with their own attributes and actions? This is far more convenient than having to give each player a copy of the same action, especially in games with a lot of potential actions.

The option of storing prepared “Packages” of Attributes and Actions (and possibly Notes) in your Vault as Assets which could then be dragged and dropped onto a character sheet or template to add all of those Attributes and Actions (and possibly Notes) could enable this feature, and allow for collections to be created of weapon / armor / magic items / spells / special attacks / feats…

If you like this idea please Vote for it to move it up the list of ToDo items for the Developers.


Very useful feature. This way I can create a personal compendium of stuff to quickly give or take from players. The workaround I’ve come up with is creating a character that is there only for macros. It contains anything from special abilities to gear. Right now I’ve been copying the text from these to quickly put it together in the player’s character sheet.


I think that setting it up to drop onto a character sheet shouldn’t be too difficult a task, but setting up the ability to remove a package from the character sheet could be quite an intensive programming task.

I think it more likely that IF this idea gets implemented that to remove packages the various categories would have to be manually deleted.


I think this is a fundamental element to be worked out, as it would facilitate a lot to Players. Like, A LOT.
And I think this is one of the main reasons why D&D Roleplayers are still gaming on Roll20.
To a DM Astral is heaven, to a Player it aint. And we need players to play RPG.


This would be neat! I could see this also being useful for creating monsters in games as well. Give a monster the Orc actions and ghost abilities for instance and bam new monster. Not that you can’t do stuff like that on the fly anyway but packages would make it easier.

I would humbling request this include action display as an option, rather than the current palette behavior of resetting the display to the action name every time. I think that might be important for some use cases.

Item Templates would be “as designed”, carrying with them all settings of the original Stats and Actions that they were created from.

Boa sugestĂŁo!