Issues with the HP bar on monsters

Today I was creating over a dozen different monsters and one thing soon became very annoying. I was using the D&D 5e Monster Template, and by default the HP bar is set to 27/27 for a new character. After editing all of the creature stats and adding all the actions/reactions/etc., including the HP on the sheet, I then edit both numbers in the green HP bar. After the sheet is saved, one or both numbers revert back to 27! I would sometimes have to change and save the character as many as five times before they would stay non-27. Even then, when it finally looked fixed, I would save the monster to my Vault. Later, bringing a copy of the saved character into the map from the vault…back to 27 again. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

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Same for me. Waiting for the fix.

The problem here is the delay between updating in your browser and the data being saved to the server. The staff are aware of the issue.

If anyone continues having issues like this, please use Astral’s Bug Report tool, as bug reports in the Forums might get missed as they aren’t automatically logged into the dev’s tracking system.

// Closing as Bug Report