Issues with invite not granting permission to enter game

Hi All, I received an emailed invite but when I click on the link, it sends me to create a user page. Then when I sign in it gives me an error code 403 Not having the necessary permission to enter. I reported a bug but worried that they won’t get back in time for my first ever game tonight. Can anyone help or have some insight? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @HendricksBlueCoat

Did you use the same e-mail address when you created your user account?

You might need to ask the GM to delete the invite and send you a new one.

In future when you have time sensitive issues like this, consider using the Discord server to ask for help as there is usually a number of people there that can help.

For future reference… your GM could also enable a public link (temporarily, if you wish) and send it to you.

It’s under settings: