Issue with Fog of War

I have spent hours on this map and when I finally tested it, the fog of war seemed to have issues. I’m quite sure it’s not because I’ve done something wrong because when I zoom out, it just reveals more map that shouldn’t be revealed. I’ve also tried making new games with the same issue occurring on those, with completely different maps. My session is in a week so I really want to try fix it before then.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi @skyeward

This is a bug with Dynamic Lighting and not the Fog of War.

We have been seeing more people reporting this recently. Please send a bug report from the game when you see this problem so that the staff and developers can try to track down the problem.

It’s a shame we cannot vote for these kind of bug reports because I’ve got this problem (or similar ones with DynaLight) with almost EVERY MAP of EVERY GAME that I ever use on Astral, and I have the feeling that reporting the bug doesn’t change much. For me and a lot of users I guess it’s a real buzzkill and it pains me that this post doesn’t have the visibility this problem deserves. I mean… How can I hear about yet another module for pathfinder or cthulhu while this problem stil ruins every dungeon I made??!

Hi @DantheJack

A bug fix was pushed out for this a few days ago. If you are still experiencing the issue please do drop a bug report. The tearing issue is a high priority for the developers.

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Will do, because I am still experiencing some dark magic whenever a character of mine come close to an obstacle…