Issue with " Character Sheet URL (Optional) "


I’m am currently uncertain as to which category this item falls into, and will change it when someone far wiser than I lets me know.


As with the title, " Character Sheet URL (Optional) " Found in the display area, despite being given a URL, a google sheet for example, it is not going there despite the instructions in this player guide found here: Players Guide

Now, it is 2019 when that guide was made, and no doubt there has been some changes, but I for the life of me cannot get a link, any link to actually go anywhere when clicking on the Open Character Sheet, no matter what I put in there.

Is there a particular button press or thing I should be doing to make the link to a google sheet work?


Hi @RickEfinn,

That guide is indeed a bit outdated, but the feature is still available…

From your character’s “Display Settings”, paste a URL:
After you do that, you can open the external link/sheet from the player menu:

Or if you’re the DM, from the top menu (first icon after the PC’s name):

Now, it does open on a new window, so it’s worth checking if you have a pop-up blocker or something of the kind.

And do let us know if you still have trouble with this.