Isometric grid

I made dungeon map in Inkarnate, where isometric view is best. Could You make a isometric grid mechanics?

Agreed. Hexes kind of work but there’s always one that takes the opportunity to fly

It’s a nice feature. Also, If tokens could change image on fly (as states or orientation), it will be great.

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There is a fearute request for allowing a character to have multiple token images. Please vote on that.

Link to the request:


A thought linked to isometric grids; the ability to create ingame layers to a map; For example add columns or trees over the basic landscape which would naturally hide the tokens behind them. I have discovered (Trying to fudge Isometric maps) that the current DL barriers can get in the way. eg. The pillars in the image below in front of the game tokens:

In fact a second type of barrier that blocks vision but not movement would be cool.

And a third, which doesn’t block LOS but does block movement.

That was not the one. Here is the original post: Multiple tokens on a single character sheet

OOPS! My bad. I bow to your superior knowlege of this section. :slight_smile:

Not a problem. I wrote it, so knew it was there.