Is there a way to change the character sheet size?

I would like to add a series of smaller (approx 1/4 typical page size) pages to my character sheet so I can easily use PageUp/PageDown to navigate and have the whole page visible instead of dragging with mouse. I tried changing page size in Word and printing PDF and added that page, but it still came in full sized.

If this capability does not exist, I can add new pages and only fill in the tip 1/4 of the page and the PageUp/PageDown will work but it’s not as clean as custom page size.


I’m not 100% sure, but there may be a way to “fake” this behavior. Try expanding the border of your 1/4th sized sheets with fully transparent background, increasing it’s size by that much. If it works, you’ll also have much more fine-grained control about the exact position you’d like the image to display from by adding or removing transparent background space from one side, or repositioning the image within that transparent border.

Hope this helps!