I have an acquaintance living in another city, who just does not use technology. Not a computer person.

But, they DO have an iPad. I am not sure what make, model, or version of the operating system, but before I try to find out that info (which might be frustrating with a non techie), I wanted to ask:

  • I had heard Astral worked on iPads - true?
  • what specs are needed?
  • is it relatively intuitive, like the right-click equivalent and all of that, or is it tricky?

This guy badly needs to game, and with quarantines plus his lack of VTT experience, he is chomping at the bit

Help me, Astralnauts! :smiley:

Hi @Screng and welcome to the forums.

Firstly, Astral is graphics intensive. It will chew up large amounts of graphics memory and power. As such it is designed to work on desktop machines.

Secondly, Astral has tools that work on mobile devices. The initiative tracker, the audio player, and Chat can be used on mobiles.

That all said, some people have been able to play on Astral using older mobile phones. The performance isn’t brilliant, but it can work.

The real issues are the size of the maps used in the game, and the complexity of the character sheets.

The team work hard on improving performance so that you can use mobile devices, but Astral does use WebGL, which is the 3D browser engine, for all its graphics, so experience may vary.

Worth pointing out, since the guy has an Apple device, Astral does not work properly, at all, on the Safari browser, so the first step would be to install Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on the device before even trying to get a game on Astral to run on the iPad.

Most of Astral will allow you to only use left clicks. Right clicks are reserved for context menus which do help speed up game play, but all those features can be accessed through the Player Menu (Player’s icon in the bottom left corner.

One thing that you will not be able to do is use a mobile device to GM a game. You just will not have enough screen to display everything comfortably.

Hope this helps, and feel free to reach out either here or on Astral’s Discord server if you have any other questions.

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There are some reports of users successfully running Astral on an iPad, but do be aware that mobiles are not ‘officially’ supported. This means that there might be some kinks tough to iron out.

IIRC, I also read that this is pretty much a player-only option, since many the DM tasks just can’t be accomplished with a touch-only device.

As for the specs and personal experience, I’m afraid I’ll leave it for someone else to comment.

Though I will recommend that you pop into the Discord server and ask away over there… there’s a lot more users active any given time.

EDIT: Ah. LaMorte showed up. Heed his advice. He should know more about this than me.

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thanks gang! i thought i had it set up to email notify me, but i checked today and saw these replies, many thanks!

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