Invite players to a game with a Discord-Style Invite Link

Instead of individually managing usernames/emails, it would be nice to just get a link to post into a discord channel or chat room and anyone who clicks it automatically gets invited to the game once they register/login.

There has been discussion about this type of invite and it will most likely be implemented around the same time as LFG and LFP on Astral.

I am a teacher who would like to use Astral for socially distanced learning games in my classroom. The problem is if I need to assign each player a character and all that stuff… it takes up too much time.

It would be great if they got a link and were able to join the game with a random character sprite that they could then change later. Then I could push the link out and we could click and get right to the game I’ve prepared (which most likely would be a simple board game) using the dice roller.

The team are currently working on this type of invitation system for GenCon. Keep an eye on the What’s New announcements.

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