Interface Zero 3.0 Character Template

What is the game system your template is for?:
Interface Zero 3.0 (Savage Worlds)

Last Update: June 13th 2020

Brief summary of your character template:

  • It makes all Attributes clickable to roll dice for them automatically.
  • All traits and damage automatically ACE (explode)
  • All traits roll with a wild-dice version (players choose which to keep, ignore for extras)
  • Derived statistics are automatically calculated
  • Toughness shows deductible Armor
  • Added run dice
  • Skills are also clickable and come designed to use with the Specializations rule module
  • -2 penalty option on all skills
  • Place holder for weapons and their damage calculation
  • I have included an initiative roll button that does a 1d54 - It is the best I could do to simulate a deck with two jokers. I recommend using this though:
  • Toughness includes armor and some generics for calculating gear weights and strain
  • Weapons Damages are clickable, although formulas are just placeholders for players to fill in.
  • The rest is mostly just text placeholders for quick fill.
  • Calculates maximum weight

Link to character template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:

  • Multi Actions are not implemented. Roll skills with -2 and make sure you only use first Wild Dice
  • For initiative tracker use this: I recommend using this though: – normal randoms are so much boring over a real card deck

Hi are you willing to create a session and share this character sheet? The link is un-usable as it is linked to your account and log-in

@LeibyChristopher sooo sorry I took 4 days the answer, didn’t see it. Let me take a look at how to do that…

Invite sent, please let me know if it works!

Awesome I just got the email and have joined the game. Just need the character sheet assigned to me so I can access it.

Thanks for being willing to share this. It looks really good

Done, I have assigned it to you! thanks - still working on it as we play

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Okay, huge update from the original post time, and playing a few times - @LeibyChristopher may be interested :

  1. Added automatic exploding dice (ACE) to all Traits and Damage
  2. Added automatic wild die rolls to all Traits (It will show both outcomes, manually choose highest)
  3. Added placeholder damage action rolls for place holder weapons (melee and range) - copy to add
  4. Added Fighting and Shooting with initial value at 0 for correct management of derived skills and weapons
  5. Highlighted Attributes to show they are clickable
  6. Added Specialization as small text along skills
  7. Added a “with -2” below skills to roll for non-specialized, multiple actions or other penalties
  8. Added a place for bonus armor to count in Toughness
  9. Showing deductible armor bonus from Toughness
  10. Added more placeholders to fill in data
  11. Calculates maximum weight automatically based on STR
  12. Cleaned up unnecessary stats and fields

NOTE: Multi-action is not implemented so you’ll have to roll Shooting N times but only consider first Wild Die yourself

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Would love to have an updated sheet if your willing to share it.

Yes sure, ping me on Discord and we can arrange access for the sheets

Hi, I am interested but have the same problem as Chistopher, could you send a link to a game and share the sheet?

I was able to get a copy of the Interface Zero Sheet from JeansenVaars and have invited you to a game. I also have a copy of the basic Savage Worlds sheet with more functions working. I’ll get them assigned to you as soon as I see you have logged in. I try and check in every few days so it may take a bit but I’ll get you hooked up

Hi do you still have a copy of the sheet that I could use?