Interest Check - CoC - Children of Fear

I am looking for players to run in my campaign

Call of Cthuhlu

Im in the process of uploading documents and images to Astral. Trying to gage the desire to play this setting.


I’d be up for it but I get the feeling you would need more experienced players than me, because my total experience with CoC is a big 0, and my experience with similar games in a more general sense isn’t what you would call abundant given that I only started getting into tabletop around last year when I came to college; of course I reckon to change that but your game isn’t the time or place to learn. I get the feeling what you’re doing is more tailored towards a crew that have a better understanding of the fundamentals. Even so if I run into anyone on any forums looking for CoC campaigns I can direct them here is you want, unless you think that would be overstepping on my part in which case I’ll back off. I wish you luck either way.

I thought this was from June but it was January, my bad. lol.

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