Initiative Modifier

Hi there! New to DMing and I’m having a bit of trouble. I’m trying to set up a few creatures for a Dungeon Crawl Classics module, but adding a modifier to the initiative roll doesn’t seem to work.


I’ve set the Init stat to 2, but every time I test the roll, it just rolls a 1d20 and ignores whatever I’ve added. Is this not supported, or is my syntax just wrong?

Your syntax looks fine. It should work.

Let’s see if we can brainstorm this:

  • Is the {Init} stat ignored or set to 0? (you can check by hovering the mouse over the result in chat)
  • Have you double-checked that the stat name is identical? Perhaps copy-paste again just to be sure?
  • Do you have another action that rolls initiative? (ie: stats with “i!”)

It works! Turns out I was misreading the roll this entire time. :sweat: Thank you for the suggestions!

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// Closing as resolved