Initiative as fractions

I realized Initiative can’t be decimal fraction. Is it possible add this option? When two or more characters has this same Initiative, first action belong to one with greater Parameter. If I write Initiatives as number with Parameter as decimal, tracker will sort characters how I want.

E.g. Player 1 has Init = 10 and Fast = 12, Player 2 has Init = 10 and Fast = 15.
Now they join to combat randomly Init 10 = Init 10.
If i will use decimal, Player 1 get Init = 10.12 and Player 2 10.15.
10.15 > 10.12, so Player 2 will be first.

Just multiply everything by 100 (or 1000 or 10000 etc.) and it should all work out. It’s what I ended up doing when I ran GURPS

In my case every actions uses some of initiative and shifting players in other place in line. So yes, your solution will work, but it means operations with very large numbers and multiply more parametres. But it’s good temporarly solution.