Importing Character Sheet for Players?

So I made my player character sheet for a campaign on Astral but outside of the game before my DM invited me to the game, and now I want to just take all the work I did on that character sheet and push it onto the one in the game. Is there a way for me to do that? I’m struggling to find it.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @jlybelly

When you join the game the first time you will be asked to create or import a character. Just choose the Import option.

Have fun!

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@jlybelly, I just want to add a little extra note to what LaMorte said:
If you were like me and were excitedly clicking around when you joined the campaign, you might’ve accidentally missed that “Create or Import a Character” option that was mentioned. If you don’t see that option when you click “Join the Game”, ask your DM to un-assign the character sheet currently assigned to you; it’s a little odd, since you might not have even made any edits to the window in-game, but it technically exists, and so long as it does you can’t Import your other sheet from your Vault.

Hopefully you’ll be just fine with what LaMorte said, but if things were a little more confusing, I hope this extra bit helps you!


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