Import Limit?


I have noticed some items I had imported starting to not show up in my search functions and looked at the main import list in my vault and noticed they were missing. There being some kind of import limit is understandable, I would guess by counting it’s 143 items, or 13 rows of 8. I would assume it deleted the oldest imported items first but I’ve yet to test it out exactly for that.

I’ve been creating my houses for a town a piece at a time in their own maps then exported the finished product to get around some of the large map size issues and to speed up the process of creating multiple similar buildings. This led to me having a rather large import section and I noticed this.

If this is the limit I would only suggest having some kind of notification telling you the limit 1/143 or something and perhaps have a pop up warning a user that they reached their limit when trying to import a file. This could either have them being forced to choose a file to delete themselves first, or still going with the oldest but at least they would know before hand. It would really suck to lose something you imported a year ago and no longer have because of this feature for people who don’t import many pictures.


Interesting, it shouldn’t be hitting any sort of limit but I’m investigating to see what could cause that.

Few thoughts:

There is a known issue where if you try to import too many files at once (e.g. you drop in 100 on the app) it might skip a few without warning. I haven’t gotten the time to properly address it but it only happens when importing a larger number of files.

Imported assets are stored by a unique ID. If you named two files differently but it’s the same image, it’ll be imported as one asset (picking one of the filenames.)

Do either of these explanations help in anyway? If not I’ll dig into what mysteries lie beneath the number “143”

Thanks for reporting!



No it wasn’t mass dropping items at once. I think the most I ever did was two or three by accident if I selected more than one item. I don’t believe it was a case of the item having the same name either since they all came from the same folder on my computer and thus can’t have the same file name.

That said I just noticed a few items missing because they were things I used a lot in building houses, like a bear skin rug. Looking at my list further it doesn’t even seem to be the oldest items like I thought. The first item I ever made, a crystal torch. Just a combination of one of the gems put over the top of a torch from your assets , is still there.

Only other thing I can think of is one of the times I deleted a file, lag or something kicked in and more than the item selected got deleted. Though given the confirmation box that pops up I’m not sure how that is possible. Since that box never popped up twice that I remember for a single deletion.


There very well could be a problem when deleting assets although it should not be wiping out more than one at a time. The delete (because of the tech underneath) is a bit unstable with deletes. For some reason it returns me valid responses even if it didn’t delete (something I’ve been meaning to look into) which could also be a reason you’re seeing some wonkiness there.

Nevertheless I have a test for myself to start looking into that. Likewise if you come across any interesting findings that might help me debug, let me know!

Appreciate the report again.