Import from Hex Kit and Resize

Just a short tutorial on importing from hexkit and matching grid size.

This tutorial uses a 20x20 hex kit export. Grid pixel size is about 179 pixels for a 20x20 (this number was determined by opening the export and seeing how many pixels wide it was) . I just use this number to get us to a close starting point.


  1. Set grid snap to off while aligning
  2. Set a bright background color
  3. Set a grid color that is easy to see…this may mean bright red etc…


  1. Create your new map
  2. Adjust your starting grid settings based on my advice
  3. Import the Hex Kit Image
  4. Align the hex in the top corner (it doesn’t have to be the first hex on the grid)
  5. Zoom out and stretch the import using the right horizontal handle until the hexes match width.
  6. Zoom out and stretch the import using bottom vertical handled until the hexes match height.
  7. lock your background image to prevent further movement/sizing

That should be it…remember it doesn’t have to be perfect…but 99% is quick and easy to do.