Import File Size Limit?


Is there a file size limit to the import? I can’t seem to find a specific number anywhere. I’m attempting to upload a large 10.7mb master map of my world, but when I try it errors out in the console like this:

(if that didn’t work, the link is

413 is typically an “entity too large” error and I can upload smaller pictures just fine, so I’m assuming there is a file size limit somewhere.


For anyone else who finds this, after experimenting with file sizes it seems that the limit is about 5mb.


Hi @Fryke,
Thanks for reaching out! Firstly, my sincere apologies that this had gone unnoticed for so long! This will change moving forward. The Astral Team is most active in Discord, and any requests or reports sent in via the bugs/feedback submission forms on our site generally receive a response within 24 hours. That being said, threads on our forums shouldn’t go unnoticed for months at a time.

To answer your question, we’ve updated our upload limit to 25mb per asset to be uploaded, and increased each user’s storage to 1GB, free to all users. Let us know if you have any other questions, we’re here to help!