I played a dnd 5e campaign lvl1-20 here are some things id like to see

cut scenes: id like to see a way to on the fly be able to push an image/video to a players view. This could be used to show an image of a monster, a room, or just to incorporate art and increase immersion.

integrated spell/ action library. I know on the forums there is a 5e spell library. I like being able to edit and modify actions, but its a lot to throw at new people along with the rules and mechanics of the game. I think it can be a little complicated for people. if players could just drag basic spells that would make the game a lot easier.

sounds and effects bound to actions.
maybe like grunting or sword slashing sounds.
crackling sounds for spells. They kind of tease you with the animations in the asset library but its clunky to use them. it adds a lot of time to combat. and is impossible/ impractical to use with multiple players.

importing or expanding icons. id like to be able to add my own icons for my hot bar actions. or id like just expanded icons

Hi @nakedmage22,

Thanks for letting us know what you have in mind.

I do have to say: we try to keep feature requests in a one-per-post so that people can vote for their favorites. Yes, you can vote for your preferred ones (you do have a limited amount of votes, so choose wisely :wink: )

And to wrap my reply, I believe most of your requests have already been mentioned. So, I’d suggest you vote, comment if your use case is not covered, etc…

Here are the relevant FRs I found: