HP Tracker in Combat Manager

I play 5e and found that the combat flow was substantially slowed when I needed to open the character configuration to determine how much HP was remaining on a given NPC. It would be very handy if the HP numbers in the character sheet were displayed in the combat manager. For example, a (58/70 HP) type box, in the character line of the combat manager would be really helpful. The health bar is helpful, but as another user pointed out, it gets in the way or covers things on the map.

Apologies if this has been brought up. I couldn’t find it in my search.

Valid point, and a great Feature Request.

Currently the developers are looking at the request for only showing HP bars when a token is selected or hovered over, and the probability seems high that it will be implemented Soon™. Hopefully that would also help speed things up as when the combat manager shows that it is a character’s turn, it automatically selects the token (or should do so).