How to roll "to hit"?


After much fiddling around, I was able to add some monsters from the SRD compendium into a game to test combat. However, when I click on an attack, it seems to skip “to hit” and roll for damage only. Combined with my inability to figure out how to manually roll dice, I can’t actually process combat right now.


I’m new here too. If I find out, I’ll let you know.


How to roll dice was answered in another thread. How to roll dice? You want to type “!roll 1d20” or whatever in the game chat.

I would still like to know if I’m missing something on automating that “to hit” roll when I click on an attack, though.


I was able to get it to finally work after going in and redoing the “to hit” and damage on the npc character sheet.


Thank you, it worked for me as well after editing the character sheet.

Is there a way to fix it so monsters roll “to hit” without having to change each one? This works, but it will get tedious for bigger encounters.


Not that I have found yet, but I am just getting into evaluating this to use for my campaign. I will update if I find a way to get this fixed.