How to create monsters for encounters?

I’m new to Astral, and so far I like everything I’m seeing. I can’t seem to find any information on how to add monsters for encounters. I’m assuming that I don’t create “characters” for them, correct?

Hello SullyTheUnusual. Welcome to the forums.

Actually your assumption is incorrect. You will need to create “Characters” for your monsters as you would for any NPC.

The idea has been tossed around already for Template Packs for game systems, so that in future you could possibly choose a monster type for the template when you create a new “character” for your game.

At the moment however you will need to create your monsters manually.

One feature of the character sheets, and one I have used in my own game, is to create one monster, or bandit, or whatever you require and then click the “Copy” button on the character sheet to make copies of that monster or NPC.

Once you have created your monster once, you can save that character to your Vault and then reuse the character or monster over and over whenever you need them.


Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to import data somehow, or do I need to start the long and arduous task of entering every creature manually one by one?


One by one I’m afraid.

If you are using one of the Game Systems that currently have a Character Template, you may use that as a basis for building your creations.

After the first one, you can speed up the process by just making a copy of your first completed monster and edit the copy to create the next.

Good luck and enjoy your creations.