How to copy a page within a character sheet

I am new to Runequest (1 month). I have created a full set of character sheets for Runequest from scratch, designed the background in Excel, printed to pdf, imported, added all the fields (Action/Stat/etc) and it works great. Our GM has copied these to the other players.

Now I want to add another page to my character which is a summary sheet, so it will have the different bits all together in a single page in a compressed format. I’ll have them linked to the existing detailed pages so changes will be done there, but I can use the summary sheet to have all of my usual choices available at a glance and can click & roll from either. The coding part of that is easy since it mostly just uses the existing formulae.

Is there a way to copy/paste an existing page so I have a duplicate page in my character? I can then get rid of the extra bits, change the font smaller, etc for the summary page.

I just started and copying field by field and then dragging each one individually to the new blank page is a pain. I just found the copy/paste for a field using a right click and that’s a huge help since I don’t have to drag it, but it’s still field by field.

Thanks for any ideas!

Hi @agormanshaw and welcome to the forums.

You need to upload a new image as the new page and start from scratch adding Stats and Actions. Astral does not (currently) support copying a character sheet page.