How does multiclassing work on character sheets?

I’m pretty new to Astral, but got a Gold account going pretty quickly as I am the DM for our group and so far I really like what I see here at Astral.

We are playing the D&D 5th edition rules. My question(s) is how do we deal with multiclassing on the character sheets?

The test character I am using was made to be a level 3 character (Fighter 2/Rogue 1). It’s easy enough to enter that properly in the ‘Class’ area, but some issues are with the HD. It says I have 3, but since fighter is the first class listed it thinks I am a level 3 fighter and so I have 3 d10 HD. Do I need to create a second HD size or will that not work? Is there a way to make the character sheet recognize the second class so it works properly?

Thank you for any help with this.

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Hi @Shazbaernon and welcome to the forums.

The short answer is yes. You would have to duplicate the Stats for the first class, then edit the Stats that should show your total level to indicate the actual value.

Thank you for the help, LaMorte. In case this helps anyone else, this is the basics of what I did…

1.Turned Lvl stat into Lvl_Fighter
2. Created Lvl_Rogue stat.
2. Used original HD stat for Lvl_Fighter (was just Lvl)
3. Created a second HD stat linked to Lvl_Rogue
4. Created a second HD_size. Set it to 8 (for Rogue)

Entering in Lvl_Fighter as 2 and Lvl_Rogue as 1 and dropping the newly created HD (for Rogue) stat and HD_size stat onto the character sheet then makes this possible.