How do you handle flight/vertical movement in Astral?

Basically, as the title says, how do you handle vertical movement in Astral? My players have developed something of a habit of jumping off tall things, and I’d like to run an encounter mid-air. There’s a feature wishlist entry from December, but has anyone had any neat ideas or ways to use new tools since then?

Hi @Papervolcano, I do have a couple ideas for dealing with such high-stakes encounters, though admittedly they are workarounds as we don’t natively support “height”.

The first would be to use a status icon. Different colors would be different “layers” of height. If the color code was “green, blue, purple, red”, you’d know that anyone marked with blue would be at a higher altitude than someone marked red, but at a lower altitude of someone marked with a green status icon.

I’d like to gauge your interest on another idea. If you’d need to know your distance from the ground, or have some visual indicator of the distance to the ground, you could use an “altitude meter” or gauge, which would be an interactive counter that you have on the map, similar to the counter found in the STA free game kit, but reskinned to be a vertical meter with distances rather than a hexagonal wedge counter. If you used this option, you may consider using miniature copies of their token portrait at varying heights on the gauge, indicating where they are in position to their allies and foes.

Hopefully one of the two above implementations of aerial combat may be useful to you. In the meantime don’t forget to upvote this request: Vertical Movement

Hope this helps!

An altitude meter could work! I’m sure I could mock up something that’d work for the next sessions too - thanks for the idea